Advisory Services

New Business Viability

Explore the potential of your new business venture or line of business to ensure its viability before you invest significant time and money.

Human Capital Acquisition

Discover improvements your enterprise can implement in the hiring, training, and development of your work force to enhance productivity and retention.

Existing Business Model Viability

Evaluate all aspects of your existing business model, discovering strategies to increase productivity, profitability, and the intrinsic value of your enterprise.

Client Acquisition & Retention

Optimizing your client acquisition and retention practices to develop excellent client relationships which will increase loyalty and improve your bottom line.

Human Capital Restructuring

Developing thoughtful solutions to allow you to restructure your business to better align its operating structure with the current business environment.

Crises Management

Acting in the capacity as an experienced advisor to enable you to navigate a successful outcome to a range of corporate crises.

Sales Force Development

Evaluate your sales force and unearth critical strategies to improve their productivity and retention.

Profit & Loss Analysis

Helping you to analyze your P&L through thoughtful analysis and feedback to enhance your bottom line.

Let's Talk About Your Business.

"Gordie was a tremendous leader, communicator, and developer of people. His business acumen and integrity are strengths I greatly admire. Gordie has a proven track record as an inspirational and transformative leader with both interpersonal and public speaking skills that are rare and exceptional."
Jeff Diamond
Founder Paces Ferry Wealth Advisors